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HP Funding specializes in developing
relationships with Tribal entities. Most
recently HP has partnered with numerous
Commercial Lending Organizations and
Native American Tribes to enable short term
lending institutions using the Sovereign Tribal
Lending Model that HP has helped pioneer.

HP works from beginning to end in bringing loan programs to market. At the beginning HP works with Tribes in which it has relationships to determine if they have an interest in offering loan programs. Once a tribe has expressed interest, HP will find third party entities such as marketers, servicers and investors with which Tribe will partner to offer loan programs. HP is involved from contract negotiation to implementation all the way through the operation of the business. HP provides its consulting pictureservices to ensure that the lending programs operate in accordance with all federal laws. HP was worked with over 20 tribal lenders in implementing various consumer finance programs.

HP works with Tribal lenders to offer the following programs;

• Unsecured consumer installment loans

• Loans secured by automobile title

• Loans to government employees repaid through payroll deduction

• Merchant cash advance loans to business

• Debt consolidation loans

• Store financing

• Medical/dental financing

• Pawn Loans