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HP offers multiple payment processing
solutions to a variety of companies in the
financial field. We offer ACH processing,
instant funding via debit cards, debit and
credit card processing and check 21
services at competitive pricing through
our affiliations with various banks, payment processing and
Independent Service Organizations (“ISO’s).

HP also works with companies who have E-wallet products which
allow customers to pay for merchandise using their existing bank
accounts through a newly created electronic wallet. HP Specializes
in placing the following Merchants:

• Consumer lending (all lending models)

• Multi-level marketing

• Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) companies

• Travel

• Online Businesses

• Casinos and legal gaming

• Other high risk industries

Once a client completes the necessary application and provides HP with due diligence and supporting documentation, HP will submit an entire package to its sources with an estimated turnaround time of 5 days or less.